Town Bans Trick-or Treaters over age 12

APEX, NC (WILX)- Trick-or-treating is a fun Halloween tradition for many kids, but a town in North Carolina is banning older kids from collecting candy.

An ordinance in Apex, North Carolina prohibits anyone older than 12 years old from taking part in trick-or-treating. The ordinance has been in place since 1973 but not many people were even aware. Apex police said that, while it has been on the books for decades, it is not widely enforced. The ordinance also states that all trick-or-treating has to be done by 9 p.m.
Jennifer Parker has two children, ages 11 and 14. She said she was shocked to learn of the ordinance. "It's a complete surprise that it has been, but what's interesting to me is the fact that they don't enforce it. So, if you have something as a policy but don't really enforce it, is it really a policy?" Parker said. If there is a problem, police will investigate and enforce the rule.

Many are hoping the rule is changed. Some say older children should be able to trick-or-treat, because they could be out on the streets getting into trouble instead of having fun collecting candy.