Top trending costumes for Halloween 2017

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ANCHORAGE, (AP) --- Still don't know what you want to dress up as for Halloween? Take a look at some of the most popular costumes across the nation.

In Michigan, Wonder Woman is the number one trending costume. With Harley Quinn, a Clown, a Unicorn, and a Rabbit all in the top five.

Nationwide, this year's most popular costume is Wonder Woman. Not only does this costume's popularity rank No. 1 on a national level, but Wonder Woman is also most popular in 24 different states.

In terms of popular costume categories, both film character and animal costumes are trending significantly. Of all costume searches, these two categories are being searched 19 percent and 13 percent of the time, respectively.

Based on data, 30 percent of the surveyed public spent zero dollars on their costumes this year. But collectively, 44 percent of the surveyed individuals spent between $1 to $40 on their costumes.

And while not too many people are spending large amounts of money on decorations, over 70 percent are spending money on candy – priced between $1 to $40.

Explore the data visualization, to see all 592 trending costume results by clicking on the link provided.

The data on Top Trending Costumes is sourced from Google Trends, which was collected in October 2017.
And data on the amount of money that surveyed people spent on costumes, candy and decorations for 2017's Halloween is sourced from To collect the data, this company conducted a survey involving over 1,000 U.S. customers.

Data is sourced from Google Trends and