Neighbors say tornado happened 'fast,' 'over in minutes'

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BARRY COUNTY, MI (WILX) - Barry County residents are in the process of picking up Monday, after a tornado ripped through a farm Sunday evening.

The National Weather Service confirms a tornado briefly touched down in Barry County on Sunday, May 19. (Source: NWS Grand Rapids)

The National Weather Service says three barns were damaged.

The EF-0 tornado hit the Barry County area Sunday night at around 6:30 p.m.

Neighbors said it all happened fast and was over in minutes.

"It got really kind of dark. Then the wind got whipping all different directions and the rain. I've never seen it rain that hard. You couldn't see across the road that good," said Linda Cheeseman, a Barryville resident.

The tornado touched down near Barryville Rd. in Barry County.

The National Weather Service says the winds reached speeds between 75 and 80 mph.

The Cheeseman family, who live just down the road from the impact of the tornado was shocked they didn't have any damage to their property.

"It was odd to me to see wind come from all directions and then it was just messing things up," said John Cheeseman. "But there was no trees or anything here going down. I think we were right on the edge of it or it was just going over us because it was sure whipping around here. I thought some trees would come down, but they didn't."

The Cheesemans told News 10 they were just happy that there wasn't more damage, and that everyone was OK.

The National Weather Service says in addition to the damage done on this farm, a telephone pole went down, and trees, but no one was injured.

The National Weather Service says the tornado was on the ground for a total of three minutes.