Tips parents should follow to help avoid child abduction

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) -- Many parents fear the possibility of their child being abducted by strangers.

That's why experts say it is important that parents sit down and talk with their kids about their safety.

It is important "to communicate the expectations or the route and what you want your child to do once they arrive," said Michigan State Police Lt. Darrin Green.

He added, "if something were to happen between point A and point B, have a plan that your child would know what to do if something suspicious were to happen or if someone tried to approach them."

Parents can download locator apps like "T-Mobile Family Where" or "Sprint Family Locator." But if they find themselves in a tough situation, experts say they should to fight back

"You fight, you yell, you scream, you make it as intense as possible and if you have too you scratch you bite, whatever it takes," said Master John Faett, Director of Victory Martial Arts. "No matter what, you keep fighting."

However, Faett said, the the best thing your child can do is know what is going on around them.

"The number one way to protect yourself is being aware before the situation were to develop," he said.

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