Tinder for teens? Police warn parents about dangers of new app 'Yellow'

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A new app gaining popularity with teenagers is raising concern. The app is called 'Yellow' and police call it "Tinder for Teens". It connects people to other people in your area without actually meeting them. But authoriites say it could possibly connect your teenager with a predator.

Here's how it works: Teens can sign up by simply typing in their age, birthday, and gender. Teens have to be at least 13. It will ask for a verification phone number, and then within seconds teens will be connected with other teens within a 60-mile radius.

However, there is no way to verify age and authorities are concerned predators could create profiles using a fake age to interact with kids. "You don't know who you're meeting, you've never seen them face to face.-- And there's a lot of creeps out there that will pose as younger people but they're actually adults and try to play on these young peoples' sensibilities and garner some trust with them," said Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth.

Authorities say parents need to know about this app. They advise parents to check their child's phone frequently. Wriggelsworth says, "You gotta remember with kids, it's not their phone. It's the parents' phone. We have the right to go through it whenever we want."

There are more than seven million users who have the Yellow app. It is available on apple and android phones.

Law enforcement agencies say if parents decide their child can have the app on his or her phone, they should talk to them about the potential danger, advise them to be careful about what personal information the teens share, and the risks of sharing too much with a potential stranger.