Tim Horton's founder dies

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CNN, (WILX) - It's a daily routine for so many, getting that cup of coffee from the local Tim Horton's.

The chain was named after the hockey player, but it was really Ron Joyce who turned it into the international success it is today.

Joyce passed away Thursday at the age of 88.

Joyce grew up poor during the Great Depression in a home with no power or running water.

In 1964, Tim Horton opened a doughnut shop and it caught Joyce's eye as an opportunity.

Joyce partnered with Horton who died in a car crash in 1974.

Joyce took over and expanded the chain from 40 stores to the iconic brand worth billions we know today.

In a statement, his son Steven said, "My father had a big vision and a big heart. In his journey with Tim Horton's, he traveled all over the country and considered himself Canadian above all else."