UPDATE: Stabbing suspect has been charged

Stabbing near CMU's campus. (Source WILX)
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MOUNT PLEASANT, MI (WILX) - The suspect in the stabbings near Central Michigan University last weekend has been arraigned.

Octayvious Sanchez-Lewis is charged with three counts of assault with intent to commit murder and two counts of carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent.

The incident happened on Feb. 22 around midnight at the Wayside Central bar located near campus.

Mount Pleasant Police say Sanchez-Lewis got into a fight and cut three people at a bar near campus.

All three victims were hospitalized. Two of them have been released.

The university said two of the victims are students.

Students on campus said they never thought something like this could happen there.

"I come from a small town too, it's just not something I see a lot of every day. It's just scary to think about. That could happen mid-day even," said Andrew Luchies.

The night club said it stayed open after the attack so police could set up a perimeter and avoid creating more panic.

Sanchez-Lewis is still being held at the Isabella County Jail at last check.

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