Thousands of marine turtles lay eggs on Costa Rica beach

Published: Nov. 22, 2016 at 4:32 PM EST
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Thousands of marine turtles arrived on a beach in Costa Rica Monday as part of the annual massive arrival of turtles to lay eggs.

More than one million turtles are scheduled to arrive to Costa Rica's pacific coast to lay their eggs.

This is a phenomenon that at attracts scores of locals to harvest the turtle eggs as part of a controlled conservation and community program.

Each turtle can lay about 100 eggs.

During three-to-nine consecutive days, the Lora marine turtles arrive mainly at night.

The conservation program allows locals to harvest the eggs laid during the first days of the arrivals, ensuring the locals have eggs to take to market while allowing eggs from later nests to hatch so the turtle population is not endangered.

Tourists are allowed to witness the arrivals, lay and hatching of the eggs only if they are accompanied by a local guide.