"They were waiting for us" A young man attacked by classmates

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JACKSON, Mich. (WILX) - A prank gone horribly wrong sent a high school senior to the hospital for 10 days.
News 10's Alani Letang introduces us to the young man from Jackson still fighting through his injuries Thursday. His name is Logan Perez and he told Letang that he'd planned to have fun in his last year of high school:
hanging out with friends and enjoying a final year of wrestling. He said that everything changed after he was carelessly shot by a classmate with a pellet gun.

"Shots started going crazy," said Logan Perez.

Logan Perez and a couple friends originally planned to "tee-pee" a classmates house. He said they ended up canceling those plans because it was raining so he went home. Logan said one of the boys he was with earlier texted that same group and said they should leave a note on the student's car instead.That note would read "the storm is coming," and they would wait until next week to tee-pee. When the texter and some other boys didn't show up, Logan told us he felt set-up.

"They were waiting for us they were set around so when we pulled in they would all be perfectly shooting at us," said Logan.

Logan said he got a look at the five shooters who were spread out. One on top of the house, some across the street, and others off to the side.
Three had BB guns and another two had pellet guns. Logan got hit with a pellet gun and immediately ran back to his friend's car.

"And I got in, pulled my shirt up and was like 'yea I got hit' went straight through the shirt and then in but it wasn't bleeding like crazy or anything like that," said Logan.

Logan and his ride drove back to that friends' house, woke the mom up who then rushed logan to the hospital.
Logan had emergency surgery to remove one pellet gun bullet that entered his stomach.
After surgery logan learned the bullet did much more damage.

"Went between two ribs, through my liver damaged my pancreas and went inside my actual stomach, so they had to cut my body open and a little part of my stomach out," said Logan.

Getting the bullet removed was just the first of three visits to the hospital and a total of 10 days he was spent there. His second visit was to get scar tissue removed because it caused his organs to shut down and left him unable to use the bathroom. He tells me this caused him a lot of pain

"The day after I had surgery they all came in and apologized," said Logan.

When Letang asked him if those apologies meant anything.

"A couple of them it did," said Logan.
"And the others?" Letang asked
"No not really," said Logan
"Why not?" Letang asked
"Didn't seem sincere I guess" said Logan.

So far Logan has missed a total of 20 days of school and he said catching up is no walk in the park. But luckily he said his teachers have been accommodating.
Looking back at that night he's still mad about the dent made in his senior year of high school.

"It's irritating for sure, I think about it every day it get's me a little angry," said Logan.

Logan has still not been able to return fully to wrestling. And as for the students responsible, according to MLive, one student accused of shooting Logan with a Gamo Silent Cat pellet rifle was arraigned on one count of felony assault, and he could face up to four years in prison if convicted. The other boys were charged with misdemeanors.