Tesla expects fully autonomous cars by next year

The new SUV seats seven and has a panoramic glass roof and a 15-inch touchscreen interface for accessing all the car's controls.
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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Tesla expects to have full self-driving cars in which humans won't have to touch the steering wheel around the second quarter of next year.

CEO Elon Musk tells investors that the company's system of high speed computers, software and neural network object detection and depth recognition will allow human drivers to check out. He expects to get regulatory approval for the system toward the end of 2020.

Currently, approval would be required only in California, experts say.

Musk also says Tesla's neural network is learning how to deal with close lane changes on crowded freeways such as those in Los Angeles. Eventually drivers will be able to choose more aggressive behavior that could run a slight risk of a fender-bender, he says.

Musk's comments came Monday during an event that Tesla is hosting in Silicon Valley to show off its plans for fully autonomous vehicles.

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