Teens in overpass death questioned by family

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - The family of a 22-year-old Michigan man, who was killed in a prank last month, was able to question for the first time the four teens accused of throwing a sandbag off an overpass on Interstate-75 in Toledo that took Marquise Byrd's life.

The teens, only 13 and 14 years old, have been charged with murder in the death of Byrd, who is from Warren.

The teens allegedly found the sandbag at a construction site before throwing it over the overpass and tragically hitting the car Byrd was riding in.

An attorney for Byrd's family says the teens should have been home or supervised since it was late at night.

Attorney Lillian Diallo said, "You dropped a 30 lb. sandbag over an overpass. Where is your conscience? Where is your morality? How could you do that to another human being? No empathy."

News 10 reported last month that the teens will not be tried as adults, but will be tried as juveniles.

They are due back in court in two weeks.