Teens beat hearing impaired student

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ATLANTA, Ga. (WILX) -- A hearing impaired student was beat by fellow students at her high school and it was all caught on camera.

It happened in Georgia and this morning both the teen and her mom are speaking out saying enough is enough when it comes to school bullies.

The video shows Jacqueline Flournoy being punched by a male student on campus.

Another student yanks her hair, while others recorded the beating with their cell phones while laughing.

Nobody stepped in to help 18 year old Jacqueline.

The teen says she has been targeted by bullies for a while now, for being hard of hearing and for having a white boyfriend.

Jacqueline said, "I think it was hate they were being spiteful and mean. They wanted to make a video about it and go viral."

"Parents need to talk to your children I mean it's bad enough that adults treat each other like this, but for kids to do it. They're learning it from someone," said her mother Kimberly.

Jacquline's mother actually posted the video on social media hoping to raise awareness about bullying.

Her daughter is now spear heading an anti-bullying campaign at her school.

The three student show in the video beating Jacqueline are now facing expulsion.