Teen brutally attacked in park

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Bellevue, Wa. (WILX) -- A police investigation is underway in Washington State this morning after a teen was attacked in a park.

The attack happened last month, but police were able to get their hands on the video Monday after someone posted it to social media Sunday.

The video shows a 14 year old boy getting hit and kicked several times by four people.

The attackers then steal the boy's chain.

His mom says she knew her son who's a freshman at Bellevue East High was in some sort of fight, but had no idea how serious it was, until she saw the video.

"It's heartbreaking, you know, it really hurts.That was basically him getting jumped.I would like them all to apologize to my son and return his chain," said the victim's mother.

Police say they are working to find out who the people in the video are so assault and possible conspiracy charges can be filed.