Team to cheer for opposing team student

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TEXAS (WILX)-- Cheers from the stands at one Texas football game are going to ring out for a student from the opposing school tonight.

Students, cheerleaders, and the team's mascot are supporting their friend who's battling cancer.

16 year old Layne Rogers now has a strict policy about greetings.

"No hugs, and no handshakes, just fist bumps," said Rogers.

He relies on laughter as part of his recovery.

His mom LeAnn Perry says she thinks its the best medicine.

In May, the Caney Creek High School JV first baseman started having pain in his knee and for months it would come and go until a crushing September diagnosis.

Perry said September 26th is when Rogers was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, which is a form of bone cancer.

A month later, doctors amputated his right leg.

The upside is Rogers is not in pain anymore.

He uses crutches to get around and while he hasn't left home much since he got out of the hospital, on Saturday his story has spread.

His friend, Brendan Koch said, "This is bigger than football."

Under the Friday night lights, as Rogers' school Caney Creek squares off against Splendora. Splendora's cheerleaders and mascot Willie the Widcast played by Koch, will be sporting t-shirts in support of Rogers.

"It's a really big deal, I haven't forgot about it," said Koch.

Rogers will be a special guest, his mother will be wearing a t-shirt too.

Rogers still has more chemo and surgery ahead of him, but hopes to be back on the diamond somehow next year.

His mother is looking forward to the game and crowd of support.

"I think it's going to be pretty incredible," said Perry, "sometimes we question or he questions, why, and then I think why not him? I think the Lord picked a pretty great kid to carry that burden because of his strength."