Teaching kids about stranger danger

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Parents have many important conversations with their children and one of those is about how to handle strangers.

Marco Jones, a Community Service Trooper for the Michigan State Police Lansing Post says that parents should begin talking to their kids about strangers as early as kindergarten and that the conversation should continue as they get older.

"Children need repetition you have to always reiterate cause sometimes when they get to that first, second, third grade they maybe become a little bit more relaxed and we want the children here in the state of Michigan to know that if you don't know that person you get away from that person if they try to approach you", Jones said.

As kids get older parents need to talk to them about how to handle strangers online on social media sites like Facebook.

Jones says teaching kids to watch what they post is important.

"Don't put to much identifying information, don't take pictures in front of your home where the numbers are visible. Don't always share your location. Take the location off of your phone in the settings."

Candace Dill, a teacher and coach at Everett High School says it's important for kids to trust their instincts.

"Trust your instincts and if you feel uncomfortable then there's usually a reason for it. We often ignore those feelings. If you feel the slightest bit awkward, change your situation, get out of it, call somebody do something different than what your currently doing," Dill said.

Another thing parents can talk to their kids about is not accepting friend requests from people they don't know on Facebook.

If a parent feels its necessary they can also contact law enforcement if someone has approached their child either in person or online.