Talent Center's food truck brings high school, elementary students together

MASON, MI. (WILX) - In this edition of Schools Rule, WILX News 10 is talking collaboration with a tasty twist.

5th grade students wait to be served from the 'Fresh and Furious' food truck.

The Wilson Talent Center is bringing fifth graders and high school students together for a pretty unique hands-on experience.

The Wilson Talent Center has their very own food truck-the Fresh and the Furious-and they're inviting fifth grade students to try it out, too.

"I'm incredibly proud of the students, incredibly proud of the initiative, the creativity the work of the staff has been amazing," said Sarah Bentley, the Principal at Heritage Elementary School.

Her fifth grade students get to learn first-hand what it takes to run a fully-operating food truck.

"I hope they take away from this that their community supports them," said Angie Nichols, the fifth grade teacher at Heritage Elementary. "I really hope they get involved in this program or at least something at the career center."

All school year, these students have worked on creating their own food trucks. They've built models out of paper and designed their own menus.

"We're excited to be out here today and let them see what a real food truck actually looks like," said Corbett Day, the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Instructor at the Wilson Talent Center.

As part of their lessons, fifth grade students incorporate lessons from class like Geometry and Science in the construction of their food trucks.

"Their ideas are really broad. after seeing a lot of examples in our classroom their ideas are really ahead of themselves," said Connor Long, who works on the Fresh and Furious Food Truck.

The Fresh and the Furious allows high school students to actually cater events and set up shop as a fully operating food truck.

"I want to take my paper food truck and make it a real food truck," said Madison Rusnock, a 5th grade student who built and designed her own food truck.

"I've seen a lot of pizza food trucks and so I picked pizza," said Xavier Zimmerman, a 5th grade student. "I want to learn how to make certain foods."

Madison and Xavier both say they'd love to look into the Wilson Talent Center's Culinary Arts and Hospitality Program.

There's more information on that program, here.

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