TSA reminds Lansing travelers on what you can take

A passenger traveled from Atlanta to Japan with a gun in his bag. / Photo: DHS / (MGN)

LANSING, MI (WILX) - If you plan on traveling by plane in the near future.

The Transportation Security Administration has a few reminders for you before you begin packing.

Today at a TSA event today at Capital Regional International Airport, agents talked about the many different prohibited items there are when it comes to what you can bring in your carry-on.

While some may seem like common sense, other items get added to the list based on different terror-related events in the world.

"The rules have been pretty much the same since we've been around knives are not allowed your tools," said Mark Howell, TSA's regional spokesperson.

He added, "We changed things based on intelligence or things that have happened in the real world.

That's how the liquid limit came into being a 3.4 oz. and 100 ml limit."

If you do accidentally pack any prohibited items and would like to get them back after your trip TSA will give you the option to either check the item or put it back in your car.

A list of what you can and can't take with you when you fly can be found on the TSA Website.

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