TSA has new rules for air travelers

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Washington, D.C. (NBC) As we get into the holiday season, the Transportation Security Administration is reminding travelers about some new rules at the nation's airports.

Photo: DHS

The biggest change from last year has to do with electronics. Devices bigger than your smartphone have to be taken out of your bag and put in a bin for x-ray screening.

The TSA says the change was made based on intelligence about our enemies and the boom in technology.

TSA Spokesman Michael McCarthy said, "Five, ten years ago passengers may have had a laptop, maybe a cell phone or a smart phone for that matter. Now passengers are traveling with laptops, kindles, e-readers. With that amount of clutter in a bag it just gives our officers a better opportunity to look at these items."

If you have questions about what you can or cannot bring on the plane, visit the TSA website or tweet your question to "ask TSA" on Twitter.