Suspect pleads insane in murder of Kevin Bacon

 Police are searching for a 25-year-old man last seen in the Swartz Creek area. (Source WJRT)
Police are searching for a 25-year-old man last seen in the Swartz Creek area. (Source WJRT) (WILX)
Published: Jan. 8, 2020 at 3:06 PM EST
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The suspect in the gruesome murder case out of Shiawassee County officially made an insanity defense on Wednesday.

Mark Latunksi is charged with killing Kevin Bacon and eating part of his remains around Christmas.

Police found the body in Latunski's home on December 28.

Latunski appeared very briefly through video conference from the Shiawassee County Jail on January 8, 2020, the hearing itself only lasting about two minutes.

Doug Corwin, Shiwassee County Public Defender spoke about the insanity plea. He said, "He believes his name is someone else. He believes he's from a royal family out of Wales, the Thomas Clan, and, just the nature of the crime itself, you've got to send him for this evaluation."

And the court did.

In two to three months Latunski will be sent to the forensic center in Saline for a competency test.

He'll stay there until psychologists believe he's able to understand what's happening in court.

There is no statute of limitations on open murder charges.

Corwin said, "They would have to find him not to be a danger to release (him)."

They'll also take into account his past hospitalizations.

Court records show he was found incompetent to stand trial in 2014 when he was charged with kidnapping two of his four children.

He was eventually found competent more than a year later, but his ex-wife dismissed the charges.

Latunski's attorney says he's being kept in a cell with other inmates and he described Latunski as being "cooperative and polite."

After the court appearance on Wednesday, a reporter asked the attorney if Latunski is denying that he committed the crime?

Corwin replied, "I can't answer that. At this point it's not whether or not he's denying it or admitting it, it's a point of checking his mental health."

The public defender says his office is doing their own investigation and that they're still waiting to receive some documents from the prosecuting attorney and they're hoping to have those soon.

Kevin Bacon's parents told News 10 that they suspected Latunski would plea insanity.

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