"Mr. Engler, shame on you": Nassar survivors upset healing fund closed

Published: Dec. 14, 2018 at 5:37 PM EST
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Days after Michigan State University administration decided to cut off the healing fund for Larry Nassar survivors, those affected by his abuse spoke out.

And for survivor Kaylee Lorincz, Friday’s Board of Trustees meeting was the last straw.

"Mr. Engler, shame on you," she said. "You are completely pathetic. I wish I could hate you but, instead, I just feel sorry for you."

As speaker after speaker came to the podium, MSU interim-President John Engler's attention seemed to be elsewhere.

"You couldn't make eye contact with me when I was reading my statement or when my mother was giving her statement, and now you can't say one word to me. What are you so afraid of, what are you hiding?" said Lorincz.

Lorincz and others spoke out against the administration's decision to cut the healing fund, which forces survivors to pay for their own healing.

"You promised to treat all of the survivors as if they were your own daughters. If your daughters were sexually assaulted, would you withhold counseling from them?"

Of the $10 million set aside for healing, only $1.5 million were used. The remaining will go toward Nassar settlement funds.

Engler said that those funds should be enough to help, But Lorincz says that money will never heal their pain.

"We just want to heal, we want counseling, and all these doctor's appointments that we have to go to because we're not healed. For him to blow it off, I don't get it," she said.

Lorincz says she doesn’t know how administrators will get the message.

"As this rate, I’m done. I've given up my hope. For my sanity, I can't do this anymore," she said.

After the meeting, News 10 asked Engler why he appeared to be ignoring the survivors who spoke during Friday's meeting.

He didn't answer. Instead, he just walked away.

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