Survey: More workers calling in sick when they're not

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Lansing, MI (WILX) Thinking about taking a sick day--- but feeling just fine?

A new survey by CareerBuilder shows more people are calling in sick when they aren't.

40% of workers called off in the last twelve months, up 5% from last year.
The survey also found its the female employees who are doing it more often, with 43% compared to just 35% for their male counterparts.

While many might fake a cough or migraine, bosses have gotten some unbelievable excuses. Here's just a sample:

* Employee broke his arm wrestling a female body builder
* Employee called in "fat" because the uniform didn't fit
* Employee wasn't sure how the solar eclipse would affect them so it would be safer to stay at home

If you're going to call in sick when you're really not--- be careful what you tell your boss.

More than a third (38%) of employers have checked up on a worker, 26% have fired a worker for calling in sick with a fake excuse and 43% have caught workers in a lie just by checking their social media posts.

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