Suppliers and shops hope for ratification

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LANSING, MI (WILX) -- There are a lot of people who can't vote on the UAW contract, but have a lot riding on it including suppliers and many repair shops in mid-Michigan.

GM's new $65 million parts processing center is open in Burton. (Source WJRT)

News 10's Carla Bayron asked them how they're feeling after Thursday's decision to put General Motors offer up for ratification. They're feeling hopeful the union members will vote "yes" on the deal.

Many people have been affected by this strike so they want everyone to get back to work.

Since the GM strike began a few weeks ago, business has been tough for Frank Sierawski, the owner of Frankie D's Auto & Truck repair in Holt.

"If the dealers inventory is gone, most of the parts from GM come from the Chicago warehouse and normally we can get those overnight. We can't do that anymore with the strike cause the UAW also handles the parts distribution," Sierawski said.

He has a lot of cars waiting for General Motors parts to arrive and they're just not coming so it has created a lot of problems for him and his customers, who've had to borrow or rent another car.

"I feel bad for the consumer, really. People are so dependent on cars today. Most people are two car families and with one family down, it's been a real hardship on them, to be honest with you," Sierawksi said.

He also said he has customers who work for GM suppliers and they've been laid off.

"They're hoping to get back to work more than anybody. They're hoping this gets ratified real quick and it's all a big trickle down from GM," Sierawski said.

Sierawski said he can hang on for another week, but anything more than that will be even tougher to handle.

Union leaders will meet Saturday in Flint to go over the tentative agreement details. Then local leaders here in mid-Michigan will meet to discuss details with union members on Sunday.

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