Superintendent submits retirement plan

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LANSING, MI (WILX) - Lansing schools superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul announced her retirement effective January 1 on Monday.

Lansing schools superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul announces her retirement effective January 1. (Source Lansing Schools)

The board of education accepted the proposed plan from Canul to retire on the first of the year instead of at the end of school year.

Rachael Willis, Lansing School District Board of Education president, said Canul came to the district at a time when the district was experiencing a lot of challenges.

“Yvonne has been a great superintendent for nearly eight years with a total of 45 years in public education, and she retires at the peak of her career,” said Willis. “Yvonne has become a nationally recognized leader in education and will leave a legacy of spearheading several innovative programs for the district and community."

Canul will begin the school year, celebrate the opening of Eastern High School, as well as oversee the completion of some bond projects before transitioning out.

"Yvonne is not resigning, but simply voluntarily retiring at age 67, and this is something we all knew would happen some day," said Willis. "She has earned her retirement.”

The district listed the following accomplishments of Canul's while she was in office:
 making bold changes to the district’s educational structure with a focus on learning to read;
 creating the Lansing Pathway Promise, a framework for student success;
 improving student graduation rates by double-digits;
 expanding Lansing Pathway Promise scholarships for college bound graduates;
 leading two successful elections to provide $200 million in school improvements;
 balancing the district’s budget and establishing a $10 million fund balance;
 creating district-wide school choice for parents and students; and
 developing nationally recognized Magnet school programs.

Canul's deputy, Dr. Mark Coscarella, will step up to be the acting superintendent in January.

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