Study shows how much a teacher is paid makes impact on ACT scores

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LANSING, MI (WILX) - A new study shows that how much teachers are paid makes a difference on performance test scores for their students.

Brainly, known as the the world's largest peer-to-peer learning community for students, parents and teachers, states that in the study they compared the National Education Association's estimated state averages for public school teacher salaries to the state averages for the SAT and ACT and found that there was a correlation between the two.

For examples, the states with the higher average teacher salary tended to see higher average ACT test scores.

They say higher paying states like Massachusetts, where the average teacher salary is $82,042 per year, saw an average ACT test score of 25.5, whereas states with lower teacher salaries, such as Mississippi ($45,574 per year) saw average scores seven points lower (18.6).

Connecticut topped the list with the fifth highest average teacher salary ($76,455) and the best ACT scores in the country (25.6).

Massachusetts came in second ($82,024/25.5); New York came next with the highest teacher pay ($85,889) and the third highest ACT score (24.5).

Mississippi has the lowest average teacher salary, ($45,574) and they also had the lowest average ACT score at 18.6.

Arizona was the next lowest ACT score at 19.2 and the sixth lowest teacher salary at $49,892.

Where did Michigan rank?

Teachers are ranked in the higher salary tier and ACT scores of 24.4.

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