Students to receive mandatory Hepatitis A vaccine

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NBC News (NBC) - Starting July 1st, all students in the state of Kentucky must have two doses of hepatitis A vaccine.

While that may seem like plenty of time, parents are being encouraged to start scheduling appointments with pediatricians now.

That's because the vaccine has to be given at least six months apart.

The absolute latest a parent should wait for the first vaccine is February.

Hepatitis A is a foodborne illness.

It's contagious and usually spreads when a person eats or drinks something contaminated with fecal matter.

"The virus can get into the food and someone eats the food that has the virus and they get sick," said Dr. Becky Carothers, a pediatrician. "It causes inflammation of the liver, jaundice, and vomiting and illness. It is something that goes away on its own. It's not necessarily treatable."