Protest held at Eastern Michigan University football game

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Students at Eastern Michigan University used last night's football game against Wyoming to voice their anger after racial slurs were found spray-painted on campus.
During the game, dozens of students dressed in black protested along the sidelines. Once the game ended, several of them held a march on the field.The protesters locked arms and chanted "No Justice, No Peace." They also chanted lyrics to Kendrick Lamar's "Alright" and Chance the Rapper's "No Problem." Spectators at the game say the protests remained peaceful.
The protests were a result of the racist graffiti found on campus earlier this week. On Tuesday the letters "K"-"K"-"K" were found spray painted in red white and blue .. along with an offensive slur on the side of a dorm. The next day another racial slur was found graffiti-ed on a campus building. Both slurs were removed immediately upon discovery.