Students in Calif. class play game based on deportation

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Some parents in California want changes made after a teacher had students play a game based on deportation. A game that other students had created in the class.

The objective of the game was to get to an American flag without being deported by a player on the opposing team.

Angry parents attended a school board meeting to demand cultural sensitivity training for teachers, an ethics committee and to have the meeting minutes translated into Spanish.

They say such a serious issue should never have been turned into a game.

"It's not a game. It is like a life-or-death situation. You are risking your life to come over here and have a better life for your family," said Alexis Flores, an alumna of Oceanside Unified School District.

At the school board meeting, the superintendent said the district will help staff better meet the needs of their diverse community but did not take questions and wouldn't say if the teacher that assigned the project would be punished.

The student body in that district is 75 percent Mexican-American.