Students get first hand experience in Bio Sciences

Published: Jun. 7, 2019 at 6:27 AM EDT
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In this edition of Schools Rule, WILX News 10 is turning the spotlight on a career program that’s teaching students how to do the jobs-you may not even realize are there.

As students in the Bio Sciences program at the Wilson Talent Center can attest, there is a lot that goes into the study.

It spans everything from Molecular DNA Technology to Vet Sciences and even Food Science. Those are the career paths Wilson Talent Center students are getting to experience firsthand.

"I consider it important because it directly relates to every day kind of stuff," said Emily Williams, a senior in the Bio Science Program at Wilson Talent Center. She’s thinking about a career in Environmental Science.

“I think it’ll help overall with the fact that getting all this experience, it helps you move faster into the career we want to go into,” explained Williams.

That experience includes a Biofuel unit and a DNA Tech unit. Students will even take used vegetable oil and convert it in to biofuel to power the Talent Center’s John Deere tractor.

"I've learned all this stuff that I probably wouldn't learn until a couple years later in college. So me, being my age, and being so young and knowing that, I feel like I’m actually doing something to start my career," said Williams.

"A lot of kids come in and they have a variety of career interests. What we try to do is focus a lot on the lab science, try to get kids ready for those variety of careers," said Toby West, who teaches the Bio Science program. He says his students will leave the program ready to take on a wide variety of different careers.

"Agriculture is one of the top three industries here in our state and although throughout production of agriculture is very important, there are a lot of jobs that support agriculture," explained West.

While students are exploring the Bio Sciences, they can earn up to 24 elective college credits. They earn an OSHA Safety Standard Certification.

If they enroll in the program for two years, they earn credits through Ferris State. For their time at the Talent Center, they can earn elective college credits with Lansing Community College and up to 24 elective credits with Davenport University.

“Our students love the opportunity to come out here and get hands on experience," said West,

Students have even put together an entire DNA sequence from samples collected in their classroom.

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