Students at Grand Ledge High School hold walkout in support of 2nd amendment

GRAND LEDGE, Mich. (WILX) -- Students at Grand Ledge High School exercised their first amendment right to show their support for the second amendment.

The 'Stand for the Second' event was created by high schooler Will Riley in New Mexico. Schools all across the country took part in Wednesday's walkouts.

News 10's Megan Hiler spoke to the organizer of the walkout for Grand Ledge. He said the school was cooperative with him wanting to hold the walkout.

"Just letting people know that we do support the second amendment," Zach Bell, the organizer of Grand Ledge's walkout said.

Bell, a senior at the school led the walkout Wednesday morning to show support for the right to bear arms. About 50 students lined the sidewalk outside the school where they held several moments of silence for first responders and the military. Bell says he agrees guns should be kept out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, but he thinks that everyone else should be able to own them.

"Too much gun control can be a problem because then it starts taking away from people who have that right and are law-abiding citizens," Bell said.

Other students who participated share his beliefs and wanted to support our service members

"It's not so much a protest for change, but a symbolic act in support of law enforcement, in support of our military and our rights as American citizens," senior Ryan Horne said.

Veterans from the Grand Ledge Honor Guard brought flags, saluted, and participated in the moments of silence. Dale Walters talked with students at the walkout.

"I think that any time that the kids voice their opinion in a positive manner is great. Our rights are being trampled on daily. And at least they are doing something to bring knowledge to the second amendment," Walters said.