Straight line winds cause damage in Mid-Michigan

 A barn near Sunfield was leveled in Wednesday night's storms (source, WILX).
A barn near Sunfield was leveled in Wednesday night's storms (source, WILX). (WILX)
Published: Sep. 12, 2019 at 5:49 PM EDT
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The National Weather Service has determined that Wednesday's storm damage here in Mid-Michigan was a result of straight-line winds, not a tornado.

These winds were estimated to be between 70 and 80 miles per hour.

"Turned on the news quick just to check out the radar and the coverage, and then I went outside and because I like to watch storms and it was eerily calm...and Ashley started to wonder if we should go to the basement," Kyle Brodbeck said.

Brodbeck's barn on his property was damaged in the storm when it came through at around 8:30 Wednesday night, leveling it and leaving behind piles of debris.

"We had just a really loud noise for like five to ten seconds and our breaker box sparked and we were down there for maybe five minutes, we came up, and the barn was gone."

Officials say the damage caused roads to be blocked off and closed for a short period of time. The damage was right on the county lines.

"There's a pretty clear path of damage. It kind of starts at the Ionia, Barry, Eaton County line and moves southeast into our county," Micheal Armitage of Eaton County Central Dispatch said. 'We saw especially right by that county line the most significant damage."

Brodbeck told News 10 this is the third time he's had to deal with a storm tearing up his property, including just a few months ago when his house and barn were damaged.

"Just kind of surprising...seems like we're getting kind of used to it. Just thankful that people are offering to help us out, I've got plenty of calls and texts of people offering help if I need it," Brodbeck added.

The National Weather Service and multiple emergency management agencies were out in the area assessing the damage Thursday morning.

Officials say there are no reports of injuries from last night's storm.

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