"Stop The Bleed" - Saving lives after shootings

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NBC News There's a renewed push for first aid training following the recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton...specifically training in techniques that slow or stop heavy bleeding.

First Aid Kid (Source: MGN)

Studies show it has the potential to save lives.

Emergency management officials are working to educate everyday people by expanding the "Stop the Bleed" campaign to all 50 states.

Launched after the Sandy Hook elementary shooting, it trains how to treat hemorrhaging, one of the primary causes of death in trauma care.

"We get stories every day of bystanders rendering care and significantly impacting, being able to save limbs, being able to save lives," says nurse Angela Clarkson, Trauma Injury Prevention Coordinator at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center in Charlotte.

Clarkson notes there are just a few simple steps:

1) Make sure the scene is safe.

2) Call 911.

3) Determine the origin of the bleeding.

4) Compress the wound, either packing it and applying pressure or using a tourniquet.

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