Stepdad charged in Texas girl's disappearance

Maleah Davis, 4 (Photo: Houston Police)
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HOUSTON, TX. (WILX) - Derion Vence, the stepfather of missing four-year-old Texas girl Maleah Davis is behind bars.

He’s scheduled to make a court appearance on May 13.

Houston Police say they found a laundry basket, gas can and a vehicle they believe is connected to the disappearance of Davis.

Vence is being charged with tampering of evidence. That evidence is a human corpse.

Houston Police have not given any information on whether or not they believe Maleah is alive. They say their investigation revealed inconsistencies about what happened to her.

An investigation revealed inconsistencies about what happened.

Vence claims he was driving his one year old son and Maleah to the airport. That’s when he says he was carjacked and beaten unconsicuos. He says when he came to, Maleah was gone.

Police say even though Vence reported the car missing, surveillance video shows someone in that car drop him off at a hospital after Maleah was reported missing.

Police say blood evidence found in Vence’s apartment is linked to Maleah.

A picture also shows Vence carrying a laundry basket as well as a gas can were found in the car police found last week.

They say blood evidence collected from Vence’s apartment he shares with Maleah’s mother is ‘Consistent” with DNA taken from the young girl’s toothbrush.

Vence faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

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