Staying safe during power outages

LANSING, MI. (WILX) -- The winds that are going to sweep through mid-Michigan Wednesday could bring some power outages.

Nearly 5,000 people are without power from South Point, Ohio to Ashland, Kentucky

With high winds expected utility companies say they are ready to respond if needed.

Consumers Energy is giving tips on what you should do if your power goes out.

Consumers says just in case the power is wiped out across Michigan--fill up a few extra gas tanks at least half full because gas stations might not be operating.

Have frozen water bottles prepared to keep the food cold in you fridge and make sure those batteries in your flashlights are charged and ready to go.

According to Consumers if the power does go out, dress in warm layers.
Do not use the stove or charcoal as a source of heat.

Use generators outside because you could get carbon monoxide poisoning if it is used inside.

Consumers says once your power comes back on go through the fridge and throw away any food that has gone bad.

Remember the old saying when in doubt throw it out.