Stay off of the highways if at all possible

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) -- It's too cold for road salt to work right now and there's more snow coming, so it's a good idea to stay off the highways unless you absolutely have to use them.

This was the scene on the west side of the state Tuesday evening, where white-out conditions led to a pileup involving more than 100 people.

It closed Interstate 96 all the way through Ottawa County.

Eight people were hospitalized after another one south of Grand Rapids.

News 10 talked to a tow-truck driver who said he could do without all the extra work he's getting.

"I'm on call all day and night, so are all the other drivers. Between the snow and the temperature, itis going to get drooped even more, just stay inside," said Isaac Blackburn

There were multiple accidents that shut down parts of I-96 and I-69 during the day on Monday.

There were some slide-offs Tuesday morning but things calmed down Tuesday evening.