Statewide event inspires teen girls

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EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX) -- A statewide event called Grit, Glam and Guts had their theme this year was, "I am enough."

A statewide event called Grit, Glam and Guts had their annual event and their theme this year was, "I am enough."

This was their seventh annual year and their main focus is around mental wellness, physical health and the meaning of true beauty.

The state wide conference took place at Michigan State University.

"One of our largest partners has been MSU the residential college of arts and humanities they have helped us expand to a summer camp and to academic programming" said Cameo King the founder of Grit, Glam and Guts.

One of the girls loved the event so much she decided to come back this year.

"It empowered me a lot and it could -- it made me think like I really want to do this you know I really wanna be involved with my community and with my girls and I just want us to strengthen each other," said Laura Henson who is now an ambassador of the conference.

"It's so important, especially in 2019 for teens and young women -- because we get told in so many ways explicitly and implicitly that were not enough," says King.

Through multiple sessions and group activities they were able to lift and empower these young women.

"The girls go to sessions and workshops throughout the day and those workshops really help unpack and unearth some emotional things they may deal with."

This state wide conference welcomes all girls from the ages 12 to 17.

Grit, Glam and Guts kicked off their tour in Detroit then Flint and wrapped things up in East Lansing.

To find more information head to their website, HERE

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