Stanley Cup pays visit to Munn

Published: Jan. 4, 2019 at 10:38 PM EST
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"You see the people, you see the emotions, you see the respect that hockey fans have, and you see the admiration. All of those words make up what it is, and its 126 years of memories," said PHilip Pritchard, the Keeper of the Stanley Cup.

It's arguably the greatest trophy in sports. Michigan State Hockey fans young and old lined up around the concourse at Munn Arena to take in the experience of a lifetime: A picture with the Stanley Cup.

"Whether they're big kids or little kids, when they get up close and see the names on that, maybe players they looked up to as kids...anyone who puts on skates or picks up a stick wants to win a cup, but for the fans to be part of that is pretty special."

Hockey fans all over the world have been able to see their idols names engraved up close. Of course, with the Cup on the move as often as it is, it might be hard to keep track of, despite weighing 35 pounds.

"Things happen and we lose our bags sometimes, when we lose this it's a hockey tragedy, but fingers crossed we always have it, and we're here tonight in East Lansing."

After Friday, the Cup hits the road again, where it will go to Pittsburgh, a place that it is all too familiar with.