Cooley Law School Stadium looking to expand safety netting

 A new proposal calls for more protection for fans.
A new proposal calls for more protection for fans. (WILX)
Published: Jan. 2, 2020 at 10:49 PM EST
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No one wants to get hit by a baseball during a night out at Lansing's Cooley Law School stadium.

A new proposal calls for more protection for fans.

"A ball coming off a bat 100 miles an hour definitely isn't good and if you're not paying attention or bracing yourself, it could definitely make or cause some serious damage," said Kevin Schafer, a pitching instructor at D-Bat Mid-Michigan.

The Cooley Law School Stadium is looking to better protect its fans during games -- by extending its protective netting that sits just behind home plate.

The proposed changes would extend the netting to the end of each foul line. Currently -- the netting is only in the infield area.

This isn't the first time the stadium has upgraded its equipment -- the netting was also extended in 2018 to the end of each dugout.

Fans say they are on board with it.

"I think it would be very nice for the fans because they would enjoy the game without having to worry about a line drive coming and hitting them in the face," said Jason Baker.

Schafer says there are pros and cons to adding a new safety net.

"As a player I know the screens can kind of get in the way from going for a foul ball, but it doesn't really bother the players in the field. If it's protecting their fans, then everybody should be all for it."

"When people are videotaping, or they want to get pictures, depending on where their seats are sometimes that netting does get in the way. In reality, it's not the biggest issue, but I can see lifetime fans who've grown up and watched the game-- how the netting rules change -- they don't really want to see the net in their way," added Schafer.

Scott Keith the president and C-E-O, of Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority -- the organization that runs the stadium -- says they are getting quotes to see how much expanding the netting will cost.

The stadium does already comply with safety standards as of January 2020 - but officials say they just want to be more cautious.

The proposed extension matches a move many major league stadiums are making to improve fan safety.

Keith says the new netting is expected to be installed sometime during the upcoming season.

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