Sparty to walk in MSU Homecoming Parade

Published: Sep. 25, 2019 at 3:01 PM EDT
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Friday is the annual homecoming parade and many have been wondering if their beloved mascot, Sparty, will be participating.

Michigan State University has confirmed Sparty will walk in the parade.

This news comes despite the school announcing over the summer that Sparty would no longer be participating in some of the festivals and parades that he has done in the past.

This was all to protect the health of Sparty as temperatures soared during some of the summer appearances he had previously participated in.

"He is part of homecoming I don't know how we have a homecoming without Sparty there. So yes he will be there, we need to make sure again that the students' health is safe, it's a heat issue, it's the duration of inside of the suit -- but we will make sure that Sparty is protected and he is there engaging (with) all of the community and family, " says Emily Guerrant, Vice President and Spokesperson at MSU.

Guerrant says moving forward they hope that Sparty will be at all big Spartan events.

But, it is a case by case scenario and they have to keep Sparty's health into consideration.

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