Sparrow Opening New Health Center

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Sparrow is opening a new health center in on Grand River just west of 127.

"We're really excited about the opening of this new facility," Dr. Doug Edema said.

"It's been a long time coming," the Sparrow Executive Vice President Joe Ruth said.

The building is a combination of sparrow's north, east and west clinics.

"They had been scattered here and there and they weren't necessarily connected to other services our patients need," Joe Ruth said.

Before this facility- patients had to jump around back and forth between multiple clinics. Now they can get all their services in just one location.

"This has really been kind of an easy access ease of access for all of our patients," Joe Ruth said.

And when they say easy access for patients they aren't just talking about services like MRI's or radiology.

"In this building there will be two primary care offices meaning they'll be treating anybody from a baby to elderly," Dr. Kris Gaumer said.

And if you fall into that age group then this might be the health center for you