Sparrow IT Caregivers to play games for 24 hours straight for a good cause

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OKEMOS, MI -- Sparrow IT Caregivers will be strategizing and mashing buttons for 24 hours straight for a good cause.

The caregivers with the Sparrow Foundation are participating in Extra Life, a gaming marathon that raises money for the Sparrow Children's Center which is part of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

The marathon took place at the Sparrow IT HUB located at 4440 N. Hagadorn in Okemos from 8 AM to 8 PM.

The participants play all kinds of games from board games and card games to console and PC games.

"It's a lot of fun to take some time off and sit and play games with your peers," Jason Loznak, a Network Architect at Sparrow said. "All of my work has to happen in the middle of the night when nobody is here so staying for 24 hours is easy. For the rest of the folks here, not so much."

The funds go to help families with the cost of surgeries and in-patient admissions.

"I was one of these kids. I was a 9 week preemie so it's kind of near and dear to me, plus I have two kids that are less than 2 years old so being able to do these things is kind of fun for me," Andy Welsch, an IT Applications Analyst, said.

They've raised $17,000 so far and their goal is $25,000.

To donate to Sparrow's Extra Life, visit and search for Sparrow IT or Andy Welsch.