Sparrow Hospital Upgrades Pediatrics Unit

Published: Jan. 17, 2017 at 6:00 PM EST
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"They're gonna love it,” Kathy Marbles, the Director for Women and Children’s Services at Sparrow Hospital said. “They are gonna love it."

Marble works with children at Sparrow, so she knows how much kids will appreciate the renovations to the hospital's pediatric unit. They've been in the works since September and cost more than 3 million dollars, but Marble says the money spent is going to make the trips to the hospital a lot easier.

"It's just important when kids are in the hospital you know it's a scary place and anything we can do to help alleviate some of their fears by giving them things that appeal to kids," Marble said.

One of which is a playroom for younger kids to play with their friends. Its shelves are crammed with books, tons of toys and a huge dollhouse.

"Isn't that so cool?” Marble asked. “I would've loved that when I was a kid."

Marble says the patients in the pediatric unit are in a variety of situations, from a sick infant, to a teenager, to a child just diagnosed with cancer. And if a child is too sick to play in the playroom, they'll bring toys directly to their room. As for the teenagers they're a little too old to enjoy Mr. Potato Head, that's why they have their own lounge where they can play video games with their friends, or watch movies on this giant TV.

"I have no idea what size that TV is,” Marble said. “But it's big."

Marble understands from a parent’s perspective how important it is to make sure your child feels comfortable if they get sick.

"I mean I have children and grandchildren in this community and it's just a fabulous thing knowing that if they have to be in the hospital that we're giving them this great environment for them to be cared for."