Some things to know with frost in the forecast

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LANSING, MI (WILX) - We are expecting frost Saturday morning.

So, Here are some things to know.

The National Weather Service says frost typically occurs when the temperature falls below 36°F.

This is especially true in rural areas.

Frost is a localized phenomena and can be quite variable across a small area.

While the National Weather Service does not keep track of "frost" as an observation, this agency which is a part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration does keep track of when temperatures hit the freezing mark or fall below it.

Frost becomes more widespread when the temperature falls below 32°F, with some freeze possible.

A hard freeze is possible when temperatures fall below 28°F.

Now if you are concerned about flowers that are outdoors or your garden a great resource can be found online.

It is the Frost And Your Plants page of the Farmer's Almanac website.

It has all that you need to know and do.

Good luck and just remember, June is just around the corner.,

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