Some people unhappy with temporary bike path in East Lansing

 East Lansing bike path causes concerns (Source: WILX).
East Lansing bike path causes concerns (Source: WILX). (WILX)
Published: Aug. 21, 2019 at 4:39 PM EDT
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East Lansing opened a temporary bike lane last week with the intentions of finding the easiest way for everyone to get around campus--be it driving, walking or biking.

However, the path is raising some concerns from people who use buses to get to and from class. In fact, CATA had to remove two stops from it's route in order to create the temporary path.

East Lansing police also sent out an alert Wednesday afternoon about congestion in the area, however there is no word on whether or not the two are connected.

"I did notice that some students face this like a big problem because they are eliminating an entire bus stop where kids woulds have to walk a lot farther to get to one now," Akash Naidu, an MSU student said.

The CATA stops on Bogue Street had to be removed once the bike lanes were put in because there is not enough room for buses to get through safely.

Some students say it's not that big of an inconvenience.

"Over time I find a bus near to me like over there, there is a station of bus and over there so it's not a real big problem for me," Mahnoor Idrees, an international student at MSU said.

A member of the Transportation Commission in East Lansing said that these bike lanes will make bicyclists feel safer.

"On campus we already have a lot of bike lanes installed but most cyclists choose to ride on the sidewalks because they feel safer there and the infrastructure like this a protected bike lane will really serve cyclists well and they will feel safer to use it here," Thomas Bauman, of the Transporation Commission in East Lansing said.

Officials say that the bike path will be removed toward the end of October.

CATA said routes 20 and 23 are affected by the temporary bike lane and has received one official complaint so far.

That customer was given an alternative route.

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