Snow, ice slows down leaf removal

Published: Nov. 14, 2019 at 4:35 AM EST
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Several mid-Michigan neighborhoods will have a harder time getting their leaves together for pickup and lots of people have gone from bagging leaves to shoveling snow.

As more snow starts to fall on top of what is already frozen to the ground, people will have a tougher time taking care of their leaves.

Monday's snow came a bit early, but these temps don't seem to be melting the snow away anytime soon.

Now, its a race against the clock to get leaves in bags before city-wide leaf pickups end.

Cities like Lansing and East Lansing have yard waste collections ending soon.

East Lansing will make its last pickup Monday.

While the city of Lansing says its seasonal yard waste collection including bagged leaves will end the week of Thanksgiving.

If homeowners can manage to work around the snow place bags by the curb during normal collection day times.

This is going to be a challenge for a lot of people.

Taylor rice, a homeowner said, "The snow fell really early. We haven't even really had time to even get out here. We've gotten some, but we've missed a lot of the leaves. And we still even have leaves on our tree. So, its been strange."

Those who live in Jackson might be lucky and have some extra time to collect leaves.

The city recently switch over to loose leaf pickup, which is scheduled to start at the end of this month.

Pickup is schedule for up to six days a week through December.

Jackson city officials are holding a meeting Thursday night to answer questions about the city's leaf collection program.

It's happening at the Henry Ford Allegiance Health Orthopedic and Neuroscience Center.

That's on Michigan Ave.

It starts at 6 p.m.

Anyone is welcome to go.

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