Slotkin takes US House District 8 in primary

Published: Jul. 31, 2018 at 10:20 PM EDT
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Congressional Candidate Elissa Slotkin has won the democratic nomination for the states 8th District, which includes parts of Lansing and Howell.

“I’m proud to have earned the votes of so many people today, and thankful to the amazing volunteers who came out to knock doors and make calls. Over the last year, I’ve heard one, clear message from Democrats, Republicans, and Independents across the district: Folks want new voices and a new generation in Washington who will be accountable to voters, not special interests,” Slotkin said. “That’s exactly what I’m committed to doing if elected. I will bring my mission-focused approach that I learned serving my country in the intelligence community and at the Pentagon to Congress, and I will fight for the issues that matter to people here. I’m a firm believer that you can’t change Congress without changing who you send to Washington -- and that starts with running a different type of campaign: I’m running a people-powered organization -- with more than a thousand volunteers -- and not a penny coming from corporate PACs, while Rep. Bishop has taken over $1 million in corporate PAC dollars over his political career.”

Democrat Elissa Slotkin will face Republican Rep. Mike Bishop in what is expected to be a competitive race for a Michigan congressional district.

“Over the next three months, voters deserve to hear for themselves the differences between myself and Rep. Bishop. Just as our Founding Fathers designed it, citizens have the right to question the candidates and understand what specifically they will do to improve their lives,” Slotkin continued. "That’s why today I’m challenging Rep. Bishop to hold at least three public, in-person debates between now and Election Day. Citizens have the right to ask about their concerns and to decide for themselves who they want their representative to be.”

Slotkin -- who had U.S. intelligence, national security and defense roles during the Obama and Bush administrations -- beat Michigan State University professor Chris Smith in Tuesday's Democratic primary. The incumbent Bishop defeated business owner Lokesh Kumar in the GOP race.

Slotkin recently campaigned in Lansing and talked about her plan for government accountability.

It includes requiring candidates to have a public schedule, hold regular talks and town halls with constituents, and allow citizens to advise on policy issues.

She also wants campaign finance reform.

"This issue of campaign finance and money in politics undercuts every issue we're trying to make progress on" said Slotkin. "Everywhere I go in the district, people are talking to me about healthcare, prescription drugs, infrastructure. But there's this feeling that money in politics has bought our politicians because they're not advocating on the issues that people care about most."