Situation worse in Portland, many more evacuated

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PORTLAND, Mich. (WILX) - As of Friday, the flooding situation in Portland has gotten worse.

Not only are ice jams causing flooding, but they've also closed the city's bridges and streets.

However, the city has a plan and that is preparedness. Their first task is to make sure everybody is safe.

"Everyone was there and we got a lot of the folks out. A lot were elderly individuals who needed assistance," Tutt Gorman, City of Portland Manager.

The city would like to thank the help of their emergency management team and mutual aid. Friday morning, residents told us they had to wake up to an even worse situation.

"Due to the ice break, it created a whole new incident and causing another flash flood. The difficult thing is this is not a typical flood, basically like dropping ice in a cup of water and it's spilling over," said Gorman.

The city might also be leaning on our soldiers for help.

"We've been in direct conversations and discussion with the U.S. Army engineers and going through different options of breaking up the ice. We have a lot of different theories floating out there. The idea of explosives is just not practical, in these circumstances and in fact, could cause some other issues because of that," said Gorman.

City officials aren't sure when people will be able to go home. They are keeping a close eye on the situation to try and get you back as soon as possible.

The city had to discharge untreated sewage into the Grand River to keep it from overwhelming the waste-water treatment plant. People should not have any contact with the river water until further notice.