Sisters choose welding as a career

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Courtney and Lindsay Hasse both took classes at Lansing Community College and decided to go into welding.

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Courtney Hasse had plans to go into the medical field but didn't enjoy it like she thought she would. Her sister, Lindsay, was already involved in welding and encouraged her to give it a try. Courtney loved it.

Lindsay Hasse fell in love with welding before she got to college. "In high school I fell in love with art and we did a lot of 3D projects and my dad had all this equipment in his barn so I started to play with it and when I got to LCC I had no idea what I was doing here so I jumped into a welding class and I immediately fell in love and it just carried out this way".

Even though welding is still male dominated Courtney says she does see more females going into it than when she first started. She sees more girls in her classes, whereas before the only other female might have been the instructor.

Even though both sisters enjoy working in welding Lindsay says they still face some challenges as females.

"We're not men we don't have that extra strength to get the job done so we've come up with lots of ways to still get the job done. We use like cheater pipes a lot to leverage, bigger tools, it takes us more time. Sometimes we have to put up a chain fall to get the pipe where we need it to be able to continue with our job but that's something that we are able to do and still be successful with our jobs," said Lindsay.

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