Simon's preliminary hearing to continue on June 11

Published: Apr. 16, 2019 at 5:41 AM EDT
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Lou Anna K. Simon's preliminary hearing stands recessed for the day, but state prosecutors, along with Simon and her attorneys will be back in an Eaton County courtroom on June 11.

Toward the end of today's session in court attorneys from the state entered into evidence a number of meeting agendas with Title IX listed as an item number, some going back as far as 2012.

Marti Howe, Simon's former executive staff assistant took the stand late Tuesday afternoon.

She was called by the state to identify agendas to meetings that were held between Simon and her then-senior advisor Paulette Granberry-Russell.

The agendas were being entered into evidence over numerous objections by Simon's legal team.

The state is hoping to show that Simon and Granberry-Russell routinely discussed issues that prosecutors believe relate to Larry Nassar's time at MSU.

This preliminary hearing will determine if Simon will stand trial on charges connected to the Nassar scandal.

The former MSU president is charged with lying to police about when she knew about the abuse allegations against Nassar.

As Howe began her testimony, she described Simon's leadership style as extraordinarily knowledgeable, detail oriented, she was hands-on on certain issues, and

she delegated others.

Earlier on Tuesday, Michigan State University Provost June Youatt was also asked to describe Simon's management style.

She said Simon was "careful," had institutional knowledge, was engaged, as well as interested on how her vice-presidents did their work.

As the state questioned Youatt on Simon's management style, there were numerous interruptions by Simon's lawyers as they objected to this line of questions.

Youatt added she had "no recollection" of discussing the Nassar investigation with Simon in 2014.

She also told the courtroom that Simon did not interfere with the investigation of Nassar.

The hearing started Tuesday morning with Paulette Granberry-Russell testifying for a third day.

Before completing her testimony, Granberry-Russell said she responded truthfully when questioned by Michigan State Police during their investigation of Nassar.

She also repeated an earlier response that she never talked to Simon about Nassar.

At one point during the hearing, state prosecutors pointed out that that last week Granberry-Russell said she made notes regarding Nassar so she could discuss them with the president at a meeting schedule for May 19, 2014.

However, when questioned by Simon's defense counsel, Granberry-Russell said she never mentioned the name Larry Nassar to the former MSU president.

Granberry-Russell added she had, "no recollection" if she asked President Simon to be involved in the Nassar case.

Judge Julie Reincke, who is presiding over the hearing, started the morning with comments to the attorneys to, "not drag this (the hearing) into September."

Simon's preliminary hearing began on Feb. 5.

Several witnesses have testified over the first three days of her hearing.

The preliminary hearing will resume June 11.

Simon faces up to four years in prison if convicted.