Shri Thanedar calls for MSU Board of Trustees resignation

Published: Jan. 29, 2018 at 11:28 PM EST
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A gubernatorial candidate says it's time for the Michigan State University Board of Trustees to go and he's looking for students who agree.

Shri Thanedar and his team are asking students to sign a petition to get new leadership at the university.

Shri Thanedar says Michigan State University needs to do a thorough investigation to find out who knew what about Larry Nassar's sexual abuse.

The democratic candidate for Michigan's top office says the current Board of Trustees simply can't be trusted.

"What I am seeing is a lack of transparency, a lack of ethics”, said Thanedar.

The candidate for governor is circulating a petition around the MSU campus calling for the complete removal of the Board of Trustees.

He's collecting signatures and he said he's taking them straight to the president's office Tuesday morning.

"I'm asking the entire board of trustees to step down”, said Thanedar,

“I'm asking the governor to use his position to dismiss them and I'm asking the lawmakers to use their authority to dismiss the Board of Trustees."

Some students signed the petitions stating that they want an impartial administration with no ties to the current members.

MSU student Jill Gasche said she believes the board is biased.

"I would assume it would be hard for them to be unbiased in these decisions and these discussion”, said Gasche.

“So I think having a whole new board of people who are here for the students and here for…just to listen."

Max Jones is an MSU student who says he too wants to see changes.

“Yes, I want a new board. I feel like the current one obviously with what we know now about Larry Nassar has done and how many people knew, we need new leadership”, said Jones.

Other students say they need more information on the investigation.

“I would abstain from signing a petition because I don't feel confident taking a decision either way”, said Keaton Safar.

Thanedar says both the interim and new president should be someone from outside of the university so a fair investigation can be conducted.

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