Should cell phones be allowed at school?

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - No cell phones at school might sound drastic, but that's the policy some schools are adopting arguing phones are becoming a major distraction during class.

An Ohio school district recently banned all cellphones for students this year. In Michigan, Battle Creek students are banned from using phones when classes are in session, but can use them during breaks.

Not everyone is on-board with that stance. Ann O'Daniel, who's son is going into his Junior year of high school in Eaton Rapids, says phone bans go too far.

"I think it'd be really really difficult," O'Daniel said. "It's not something that's going to go away. I don't know how they would ban cell phones."

O"Daniel would rather schools be part of the solution helping teach kids how to responsibly use technology.

"A lot of teachers are using technology and cell phones are just part of it," she noted.

If a student abuses that, O'Daniel says then take away the phone.
It's a drill her son Matthew knows all too well. He admits to checking his phone during the school day, but says more often than not it's the only way to get online.

"It would just have to be a school sanctioned computer and generally there aren't enough of those for every person in the class at the same time," he explained.

Those same reasons are why banning phones won't happen at the Ingham Intermediate School Disctrict's career center

"Certainly there have to be protocols and safeguards in place, phones can be a distraction, but they can also be an incredible learning tool," said Superintendent Scott Koenigsknecht.

Koenighsknecht says phone polices vary based on the classroom, but they'd rather teach students how to balance phones and work.

"With any freedom comes responsibility and really if the phones become distracting, we hold the students accountable," he added.

It's a lesson he'd says students need to learn in class as opposed to on the job.

If Matthew is any proof, his mom says that method is working.

"Most of the times when I try to text him he has it off because hes in class," O'Daniel said.